We begin on May 25 with 6 fantastic workshops taking place in Lisbon, at the Best Office Saldanha.
This will be followed by two intense days at the Ismaili Center, from 26 to 27 May 2023, around the main areas of clinical performance in speech therapy, placing them under the magnifying glass of knowledge regarding assessment and intervention illuminated by evidence, in a format of conferences, round tables and free papers, without ever neglecting a fundamental time for debate open to all participants. We will also have posters and visits to our partner stands.
We have 7 international guests joining an excellent national panel, either in the face-to-face format – Alexandre Cavallieri Gomes and Victoria Joffe – or online – Anne Vertigan, Cristina Murphy and Sharynne McLeod. -, who will share their experiences and knowledge, with relevant contributions to this Congress.
We also have a point of special relevance for national Speech Language Therapy with the launch of the “Compendium of Speech Therapy: assessing and intervening with evidence”, the most recent work of this Society which, throughout its 1500 pages, exposes the knowledge and scientific evidence regarding assessment methodologies and intervention in Speech Therapy.
And because science is also covered with affections, on September 26 we will have the homage to the Speech Therapist Dr. Gabriela Leal, as well as on September 27 the presentation of the Merit Award 2020-2023.
And it is in this language of science and affections that the III International Congress of the Portuguese Speech Therapy Society will take place.

Keynote Speakers

 Alexandre Cavalieri Gomes

Speech Therapist. Master in Orofacial Motricity and Deglutition. Postgraduate in Oropharyngeal Dysphagia and Oral and Facial Motor Intervention. Specialist in Exercise Electrophysiology. Speech Therapist at the Hospital de Guimarães, where she is a member of different working groups, and in private practice. Lecturer in the areas of orofacial motricity and deglutition in the EPAP institute and in the Master in Speech Therapy in the Escola Superior de Saúde of Alcoitão. Invited trainer in public and private entities, and speaker in several congresses, conferences and workshops in the areas of orofacial motricity and swallowing.

Anna Volkmer

Dr Anna Volkmer is a senior speech and language therapist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at University College London Hospital in the UK. Dr Volkmer is also a senior research fellow who specialises in developing and trialling interventions for people with primary progressive aphasia and their families. In her clinical academic role Dr Volkmer has set up the first specialist clinical service for PPA int he UK. She has been able to establish a hub and spoke model, where she works with a team to deliver therapy and support other speech and language therapists to do the same.

Anne Vertigan

A/Prof Anne Vertigan is the manager of speech pathology for John Hunter Hospital and Belmont Hospital in Newcastle Australia, and Conjoint Associate Professor in the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newcastle Australia. She graduated from Latrobe University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Speech Pathology, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Newcastle and a PhD through the University of Queensland. She is currently studying a combined Masters in Clinical Epidemiology and Master of Medical Statistics. Anne’s clinical load includes acute inpatients, and outpatients voice disorders, chronic cough/VCD, laryngectomy and dysphagia. She is the speech pathologist in the Severe Asthma Clinic at John Hunter Hospital and chair of the Hunter New England Allied Health Research Network and the Hunter New England Research Ethics Committee. Research interests include voice disorders, chronic cough/VCD and voice & upper airway disorders in asthma. Anne has conducted several research projects in the area of chronic cough and PVFM and published the first text book on speech pathology management of these conditions.

Cristina Murphy

Cristina Murphy is an Audiologist and Speech and Language Therapist specialising in Auditory Processing Disorder.  She has more than 20 years of experience working as a researcher and clinician in the field of APD. Cristina has accumulated a strong track record of publications with the world’s leading APD scientists and participated as a guest/keynote speaker in several international conferences/courses. Her work has focused on the intersection between auditory processing and language (including speech and reading skills), which is the result of her audiology and speech and language therapy backgrounds.

?Currently, she works as a Specialist Paediatric Audiologist in the National Health Service (NHS) in England and her private practice, THE APD CLINIC, in London. She is registered as a Clinical Audiologist with the RCCP (Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists). She is also a member of the BSA (British Society of Audiology) and BAA (British Academy of Audiology).

Richard Talbot

Dr Richard Talbot is a qualified speech and language therapist with experience in a variety of adult neurology settings. He has held clinical tutor and research posts at City, University of London, working on aphasia technology and discourse intervention projects.  His interests are the application of technology to aphasia rehabilitation, discourse, adults with language disorder, primary progressive aphasia (PPA) and bolstering links between research and clinical practice.

Sharynne McLeod

Sharynne McLeod, Ph.D. is a speech-language pathologist and professor of speech and language acquisition at Charles Sturt University, Australia. She has received Honors of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (2021) and Life Membership of Speech Pathology Australia (2015). She served as editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and has won Editors’ Awards from Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing: Speech (2018), American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (2019), and Topics in Language Disorders (2020). She is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences of Australia, the Royal Society of New South Wales, a Board Certified Member of the American Board of Child Language and Language Disorders, Chair of the Child Speech Committee of the International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP), and served as Vice President of the International Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics Association. She has co-authored 13 books and 230+ peer reviewed journal articles and chapters primarily focusing on children’s speech acquisition, speech sound disorders, and multilingualism. In 2019, she presented a speech about communication rights at the United Nations based on a special issue of International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology that has received over 200,000 downloads. The Australian Newspaper named her Australia’s Research Field Leader in Audiology, Speech and Language Pathology (2018, 2019, 2020, 2022) and Best in the World based on the “quality, volume and impact” of research in the field (2019).

Victoria Joffe

Victoria Joffe is Professor and Dean of the School of Health and Social Care at the University of Essex. She was previously the Academic Director, International and Professor in the Enhancement of Child and Adolescent Language and Learning at City, University of London. 
Victoria’s area of expertise includes speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) in children and young people, the interface between education and speech and language therapy, training of teaching staff, language and literacy development, and EBP.
Victoria is editor of the journal, Child Language Teaching and Therapy, and acts as a speech and language therapy partner for the HCPC Council. She is chair of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’ national clinical excellence network for older children and young adults with SLCN. Victoria is currently working on three NIHR-funded research projects looking into new and innovative interventions for children with social communication disorder, children who stammer and children with Down Syndrome


May 25th 2023


May 26th, 2023

08:30-09:00 Secretariat Opening
09:00-09:30 Oral communications                                             
Moderators: Ana Marques & Inês Tello Rodrigues
CO1 Post-extubation dysphagia: translation, cultural adaptation and content validity of the Gugging Swallowing Screen for Intensive Care Units into European Portuguese
Marta Silva, Ana Brígida Patrício
C02 Morphological awareness, reading and writing in primary school
Carina Coelho, Marisa Lousada, Sylvie Capelas, Pedro Sá Couto
C04 The role of the Speech Therapist in preschool age children with pragmatic disorders
Tatiana Pereira, Marisa Lousada, Margarida Ramalho
C03 Assessment of Pragmatic Skills in Portuguese Children aged 18 to 47 months with the LUI-PT
Cristiana Guimarães, Anabela Cruz-Santos
C05 MorphoPlay – A morphological awareness assessment test for primary school children
Carina Pinto, Alina Villalva, Cândida G. Silva, Eduarda Abrantes, Etelvina Lima, Joana Miguel, Sydelle de Souza, Afonso Simão, Carlos Guerra, Catarina Lavos, Marta Fortes, Marta Sousa, Raquel Espírito Santo, Rafael Minussi
CO6 Reflux symptoms scale with 12 items: Linguistic-cultural adaptation and validation for Portuguese with laryngopharyngeal reflux
Ana Paula Batista, Aldora Quintal, Rita Bom, Cláudia Romeiro, Madalena Saraiva, Maura Cunha, Daniela Brás Ferreira, Paula Correia, Lina Almeida, Gabriela Torrejano & Isabel Guimarães
09:30-10:00 Conference Evidence Based Practice
                        Joaquim Ferreira 
                        Moderators: José Fonseca & Paula Correia
10h00-10h10 Discussion
10:10-10:40 Online Conference Chronic Refractory Cough
                       Anne Vertigan                                        
                       Moderators: Marisa Lousada & Soraia Ibrahim
10:40-10:50 Discussion
10:50-11:20 Coffee break and visit to the posters
11:20-11:50 Medela Symposium: Early intervention in the feeding support of newborns with special needs 
                       Liliana Pereira, Medela Educator and UNICEF Breastfeeding Advisor
                       Moderators: Ana Marques & Marta Silva
11:50-12:35 Roundtable: Supported Decision Making in People with Complex Communication
                      António Melo, Iola Oliveira, Margarida Paz e Paula valente
                          Moderators: Ana Catarina Gaspar & Luísa Taveira

12:35-12:45 Discussion

12:45-13:15 Grand Opening Session
                       Tribute to Honorary President Dra. Gabriela Leal                                 

                            José Fonseca

13:15-14:15 Lunch

14:00-14:45 Roundtable: Challenges and needs in assessment and intervention in Child Language
Joana rocha, joana soares, Alexandra Lopes, Alexandrina Martins
Moderators: Fátima Maia & Telma Pereira    
14:45-15:00 Discussion   
15:00-15:30 Online conference: Auditory Processing and its relation to language and cognition
Cristina Murphy
Moderators: Susana Capitão & Marisa Alves   
15:30-15:40 Discussion      
15:40-16:15  Coffee break and visit to the posters
16:15-16:45 Conference Enhancing language and communication in adolescents with speech, language and communication needs: the magic of storytelling
Victoria Joffe
Moderators: Marisa Lousada & Sandra Cruz
16:45-17:00  Discussion
17:00-18:00 Launch of the book “Compendium of Speech Therapy: evaluate and intervene with evidence
Autograph session

20:00-23:00 Gala Dinner (optional)

May 27th, 2023

08:30-10:00 Free Papers                        
Moderators: Ana Catarina Batista & Ana Paula Batista
C07 Social competence and social communication in preschool children with Developmental Disorder of Language
Mariana Carvalho, Anabela Cruz-Santos, Ana Tomás de Almeida
C08 Validation of the Portuguese version of “The Locke Speech Perception – Speech Production Task” task“
Ana Rita Botelho, Joana Teodoro, Catarina Oliveira, Marisa Lousada
C09 The impact of dysphagia on the quality of life of Machado-Joseph disease (MJD) mutation carriers
Joana Mota, Inês Tello Rodrigues, Mafalda Raposo, Manuela Lima
C10 Impact of Covid-19 pandemic mitigation measures on the teacher’s voice
Sónia Lima, André Araújo
C11 The alveolar lateral as a potential clinical marker for atypical phonological acquisition in European Portuguese
Jéssica Gomes, Ana Margarida Ramalho, Maria João Freitas
C12 Development and Effectiveness Study of a Narrative Intervention Program
Margarida Correia, Alexandrina Martins, Marisa Lousada
C13 The Effect of Motivational Interviewing in the Therapeutic Intervention in the Elderly with Presbyphagia
Rita Cunha Neves, Assunção Matos, Pedro Sá Couto, Irene Palmares Carvalho
 C14 Rapid Self-Naming Task: an exploratory study with children with developmental language disorder
Telma Pereira, Ãngela Marina Jesus, Vânia Ribeiro, Ana P. Mendes
10:10-10:30 Online Conference Enhancing children’s speech using international evidence-based resources
                       Sharynne McLeod                                       
                           Moderators: Dina Alves & Patrícia Oliveira
10:30-10:40 Discussion
10:40-11:10 Coffee Break and visit to the posters
11:10-11:55 Roundtable Intellectual Property
                         Inês Alves & Diogo Morais Oliveira
                         Moderators: Cristiana Guimarães & Sónia Pós de Mina
11:55-12:05 Discussion
12:05-12:35 Conference: Laser Therapy in Orofacial Intervention – Yes or No?
                     Alexandre Cavallieri Gomes          
                          Moderators: Debora Franco & Mariana Carvalho
12:35-12:45 Discussion
12:45-13:15 Symposium on Auditory Evaluation and Rehabilitation – MED-EL    
                          Elena Muñoz Pascual                    
                          Moderators: Ana Sofia Lopes & Sofia Lynce de Faria  
13:15-14:15 Lunch

14:15-15:h45 Free papers
                         Moderators: Inês Lopes & Carina Pinto
C15 ToP Project – Shared Time
João Canossa Dias, Isabel Monteiro, Ana Mineiro, Matilde Domingues, Diana de Oliveira, Jéssica Barbosa, Tânia Fonseca
C16 Table of Writing Errors-An Analysis Grid-a tool for the analysis of (sub)lexical level writing errors
Dina Alves, Tânia Reis
C18 Figure “Cookie thief”: preliminary data from microlinguistic discourse analysis in a healthy population
Daniela Pinto, Micaela Pereira, Filipa Miranda, José fonseca
C17 Phonoscopium – a tool for phonetic and phonological speech analysis
Dina Alves, Daniel Ferreira, Débora Almeida, Marta Jorge, Mariana Silva
 C19 Macrolinguistic analysis of the description of the figure “Cookie thief” in a healthy population: preliminary data
Micaela Pereira, Daniela Pinto, Filipa Miranda, José fonseca
 C20 Preliminary validation study of the TeRAP© aphasia screening test
José Fonseca, Filipa Miranda, Carolina Maruta, Pedro Nascimento Alves, Isabel Pavão Martins
 C21 Analysis of writing data in children with typical and atypical development: data from the validation process of the Dita.te instrument
Daniela SaraivaAna Margarida Ramalho, Marisa Lousada, Cláudia Rocha
C22 Self-perception of the impact of sialoesthesia in people with Parkinson’s disease: study protocol
David Nascimento, Isabel Guimarães, Joaquim Ferreira, Tiago Outeiro
15:45-16:15 Nestlé Symposium: Dysphagia: from clinical impact to nutritional therapy
Maria Armanda Marques
Moderators: Ana Paris Leal & Joana Paz da Mota
16:15-16:45 Coffee Break and visit to the stands
16:45-17:30 Round Table: The Voice Outside the Box
                       Moderators: Pedro Pestana & Sónia Lima
                       Inês Silvestre – Vocal therapy in singing
                           Carla Gapo – ENT and mind-body medicine: from microscopic evaluation of the  vocal folds to the holistic approach of the voice 
                           Mónica Valinho – Coaching in voice intervention: a new paradigm?
17:30-17:40 Discussion
17:40-18:00 Closing and Award for Scientific Merit, Best Oral Communication and Best Poster


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