The submission period for abstracts for oral and poster presentations is now open and the deadline is April 7, 2023.

Submissions of papers for oral communications and posters will be accepted in Portuguese and English.

The application is made by submitting an abstract according to the rules explained in the information below. Abstracts must be submitted in Portuguese and English for national authors and in English for international authors. It is mandatory that the paper is presented by one of the authors and that he/she is registered in the Congress until April 22, 2022.


I Application

1. Submission

a) The abstracts must be submitted on the abstract submission platform by clicking the submission area at the bottom of the page.
b) Abstracts won’t be considered if sent by other means (email, paper or other).

c) Abstracts must be submitted by 11:59 pm on April 7, 2023

2. Notification

a) Authors will be automatically notified of abstract submission by email. If not please check your SPAM box.
b) If the notification was not received, authors should get in contact using the e-mail

3. Evaluation and revision

a) The papers will be evaluated by experts from the Congress Scientific Comittee.
b) Experts won’t know authors names or institutions (and vice versa).
c) Evaluation and revision will be quoted as: (i) “Accepted”, (ii) “Conditional Acceptance” or (iii) “Rejected, no appeal”.
d) The authors will be informed of the decision of the Congress Scientific Committee on April 20 and 21, 2023.
e) In case of abstracts that need to be reformulated, the authors will have 10 working days from the date of receipt to resubmit the work.
f) Abstracts accepted until April 21, 2023, will require the registration of the author until April 22, 2023, being automatically excluded if this is not verified.


II Regulation for abstracts

Abstracts must be presented as free text as stated bellow.

1. Heading

Headings must be clear and informative as well as representative of the communication. Headings should not include initials or acronyms nor exceed 20 words.

2. Authors

a) The abstract must have first name and surname of all authors, no initials nor academic qualifications.
b) The presenting author name must be in capital letters.

3. Affiliations (designation, city, country)

The institutions directly involved in the submitted abstract must be mentioned (academic, scientific, professional or other institutions).
The inclusion and commitment of the institutions is of the authors’ responsibility.

4. E-mail

Should ideally be a safe e-mail that you check regularly.

The e-mail used for abstract submission must be the same used for presenting author registration as crossing “submitted work” and “registration” is performed automatically, through email.

5. Phone number

A phone number must be provided. It will not be made public.

6. Body

a) Abstracts’ word count: 300 words.

b) Authors must use APA rules ( Tables or figures may be included, if strictly necessary. The use of acronyms is not recommended. There should be 3 to 5 keywords (words or expressions).

c) The body should be written in successive paragraphs, unnumbered and without lines. It should contain: Introduction, Objectives, Methodology, Results, Discussion and Conclusions. Papers that do not fit this typology can be adjusted (eg. “clinical case”, (i) Introduction, (ii) Description of the clinical case, and (iii) Conclusions.)

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Key Dates

Acceptance of submissions until April 07, 2023

Response of acceptance of papers until April 21, 2023

Registration for new authors until April 22, 2023

Early bird from February 22 to April 7, 2023