Message from the Chairwoman to all associates, colleagues, lecturers, attendees and sponsors


Finally, the II International Congress of our Society will start on September 22nd 2021. After successive postponements, the board decided to hold the II SPTF INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS, from September 22nd to 26th 2021, completely online, considering this pandemic period of Sars-Cov2 which is still unstable and restrictive.

Leaving the comfort zone and turning obstacles into opportunities, we welcome the challenge of holding this Society’s first online congress. We’ve created a fantastic programme just for you, based on the previous programme disclosed, however taking the opportunity that this virtual reality brought giving it more intensity and scope. We’ve designed a broad, challenging, holistic, current and multidisciplinary programme with a vision to the future, in order to satisfy both face-to-face and telepractice model.

We have 7 workshops that will take place on September 22nd which you can attend live or, if you prefer, later. This is followed by three and a half days with 11 conferences, 6 roundtables, communications, posters and a visit to our partners that keeps us updated on materials, training, equipment, among others. It will be a huge congress! We will also have surprises because after all the language of science also has common grounds with the language of affections.

And because SPTF must also share the History of Speech and Language Therapy and there is no present or future without a past, it is with great honour that we tell you the story of Speech and Language Therapist Suzete Carmona Dias, Honorary President of this Congress, a sweet, kind and humble person whose contribution to Speech and Language Therapy and training hundreds of colleagues, is highly relevant and truly inspiring.

SPTF is a society with hopes and dreams: the hope of an absolute professional union, the dream of elevating Speech and Language Therapy and increase its visibility. And for that we need your contribution.

Undoubtedly it is time to unify and demonstrate that union.

We believe it is our responsibility to embody SPTF and together give SPTF the strength to succeed and thrive. The way in which each one of us contributes to this affirmation of strength and power is materialized through our presence. We would very much like to constitute a historical landmark in the History of Portuguese Speech and Language Therapy! For that we need the presence of all Portuguese Speech and Language Therapists as well as colleagues from other countries.

Together we are stronger! Let’s make history!

We are waiting for you!

Paula Correia

Paula Correia
Paula CorreiaPresidente da SPTF

President of the Republic grants High Sponsorship to the II SPTF International Congress

It is with great honour that we announce that His Excellency the President of the Republic, Professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has granted his High Sponsorship to the II SPTF International Speech and Language Therapy Congress, with the theme “Science to Communicate” that will take place from the 22nd to the 26th September 2021, completely online.

The President of SPTF Paula Correia, and Vice President José Fonseca state that “the attribution of this presidential seal is a recognition of the work developed by Speech and Language Therapists in support of the quality of life of citizens who need their services, as well as an incentive to the development of Speech and Language Therapy as a science. This support will help to open many other doors and to encourage the development and promotion of national Speech and Language Therapy.

This event has a multidisciplinary nature, bringing together both national and international professionals in order to share knowledge in swallowing, communication and its disturbances.

II SPTF International Congress

Science to Communicate

September 22nd – 26th 2021
7 Workshops pre-congress, September 22nd 2021


The II International Portuguese Speech and Language Therapy Society Congress will be on-line. You will be able to watch all sessions and workshops live or they will be recorded for later viewing. All information will be available for approximately 30 days.

To shorten distances and also to share this wonderful country, Portugal, we leave here a little history of our “little wonder” to open the motivation for a face-to-face visit in 2023, at the next congress.

Portugal is a country in southern Europe, located on the Iberic Peninsula, next to Spain. Its location on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean has influenced many aspects of the culture: salted cod and roasted sardines are typical national dishes, the beaches of Algarve are often a destination and much of the country’s architecture dates from the 16th to 19th centuries, when Portugal was a powerful maritime empire.

Green landscapes and imposing mountains, rustic villages and fresh river valleys, fairy-tale castles, estuaries, cosmopolitan cities and excellent gastronomy at affordable prices are few of the things that Portugal has to offer.

Portugal is a country full of diversity and one of the most beautiful in Europe as well as one of its oldest nations.

The history of this relatively small country has shaped its people. Friendly and welcoming, the population of this once powerful nation of intrepid maritime explorers will always welcome you with open arms and delight you with their hospitality.

Member of the European Union and NATO, Portugal plays an important role on European and world affairs.